I feel extreme confidence and happiness sending my child to Our Place – Early Learning Centre. She has blossomed and come into her own with the help of the teachers. They show dedication and a real passion for what they do and we love the use and interaction of nature in everyday life. The teachers are amazing and genuinely care about the well being of and happiness of your child and will talk you through any concerns they may have.

Kelsey Oldham

I am very happy with the way Sjanin has fit into Our Place. She is generally really loves going there. I enjoy hearing her stories. She is very fond of the place and it’s teachers, especially Bronnie who has made a big impact on her. I am very happy with the resources that are available to her at the day care.

Sjoerd Vink

My son was one when he started at Our Place, he was nervous and we hadn’t ever spent much time apart. The staff supported me and encouraged my son to become a confident and competent learner. He comes home and sings songs he has learnt, some of which are in te reo. He went through a phase of biting which as a parent was distressing and upsetting.Again the Sprats teachers helped me through the phase, were understanding and offered advice and strategies to maintain consistency. His exposure to nature and his freedom to play and learn at Our Place has made him the happy and caring boy he is today.

The staff celebrated the birth of my second son with me, who started at the age of 14 weeks. I wouldn’t have anyone else look after my baby like these girls do. He is well loved and absolutely loves coming to Our Place every day. I was encouraged and supported to breastfeed my baby, even as a working Mum and the teachers worked with our home routine.