Our Philosophy on Early Education and Childcare

The team at Our Place Early Learning Centre view children as creative and competent learners who bring to our community their unique ideas, talents, passions and personalities. Each and every day we are reminded of the magic and us of imagination in childhood and strive to let this remain as untouched by adult intervention as possible, leaving the children to develop their own rhythms without being interrupted.

Our role is to capture and document these precious moments and develop ways to inspire the children to think more deeply about the concepts that they are exploring. As teachers we will become co-learners, as we explore the world with the children acting as a resource, a researcher and a companion, freeing the child to guide the learning experiences.

Saying hello to one of the pets at the childcare centreWe are committed to ongoing professional development and are dedicated to lifelong learning.

Respect forms the foundation of all our relationships and children are encouraged to care for the environment, the people in it and other peoples creations and perspectives. The principles of Te Whariki the early childhood education curriculum document are inherent in the practice and presentation of our curriculum.

We believe that an environment which upholds the principles of Tiriti o Waitangi is affirming for children growing up in New Zealand and encourages them to develop a positive sense of self.

Families are warmly welcomed and their contributions, ideas and expertise are valued at Our Place. We strive towards teaching excellence where children and their families feel a true sense of belonging, ownership and feel that have a voice in the day to day running of Our Place Early Learning Centre.

“Not one of us is as good as all of us!”