The Orca Room

Individualised childcare for children aged 2 to 6 years

The teachers in the Orca room are Jenna (team leader) Karen, Taryn and Angela. These teachers provide a challenging inquiry based curriculum for children. Children are encouraged to develop their independence, take risks, question and develop effective and respectful relationships with each other and their teachers.

We provide a curriculum inspired by the principles of Reggio Emilia (one of the leading approaches to early education in the world). Teachers are there to support childrens learning through mindful questioning, research and allowing children to develop their own theories on the world through consideration of many differing points of view and the use of their imaginations.

Often projects initiated by the childrens questions, passions or theories in will stretch to an entire year. The learning involved in these projects or experiences is very deep and very rich and is widely supported by all the teaching team.